Brook Street Residence Hall

News and Updates

Major milestones and status updates for the Brook Street residence hall project are detailed here.

After internal planning in the wake of a 2018 housing study that identified the need for more on-campus housing to meet student needs and offset the impact on local neighborhoods, Brown announced plans for the Brook Street residence hall project in February 2020. The target completion date is Fall 2023. 

Project Updates

July 2021


Based on additional input from neighbors and community organizations, Brown committed to including a retail space in the west building and pursuing the construction of a new residential home on the northeast corner of Brook and Power streets with the goal of a project that is appropriately situated on that corner, holds the residential edge where neighborhood and campus meet, and supports the historical fabric of the street. The University’s community presentation sharing the revised project plan is viewable online.

June 2021


Brown hosted an open-to-the-public forum, inviting local neighbors and community organizations to ask questions and share thoughts after a project update from University leaders.

April 2021


Based on feedback from members of the Providence community, Brown revised plans for the Brook Street residence hall, reducing the above-ground footprint and overall scale of the western building by 16,000 square feet, increasing the setback distance between Power Street and the western building’s southern side, adding publicly accessible green spaces, and eliminating a planned retail space in the western building.

February 2021


University representatives presented plans for the project at the Providence Historic District Commission meeting, gathering feedback from members of the commission and local neighbors who offered public comment.

June 2020


Providence’s City Plan Commission approved an amendment to Brown’s Institutional Master Plan, enabling the University to proceed with construction of the residence hall project on the Brook Street site.

February 2020


At its winter meeting in February 2020, the Corporation of Brown University approved the selection of Deborah Berke Partners as architect for the Brook Street residence hall project. Brown publicly unveiled its plans and began a series of meetings with local community stakeholders to share details and collect feedback.